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About Me

I am a 60 year old mother, step mother and wife, currently residing in Newton Poppleford, East Devon,  having lived and worked locally for the past 23 years.  My children are now all grown up and I am blessed with 4 grandchildren too. I love all animals and have two ponies and 5 dogs, 3 of whom are rescues so my house is full and noisy!   I work daily from my home in the United Kingdom but am blessed to have clients on many continents.


My first career was as a lecturer in Business, IT and Marketing and 27 years ago  during a period of change in my life I visited both a Tarot Card Reader and an Astrologer within two days of each other.  They both independently told me that I was Psychic and particularly Clairsentient.  I was astonished!  Saying "what me?  I am just and ordinary housewife, employee and mother.  I don't think so - I have never seen a ghost or observed auras or had an out of body experience - never walked in graveyards and heard voices - no, not me I'm afraid." 


The spiritual world had always interested me, as a teenager, I read all the books by Doris Stokes, but had always said that I would be terrified of seeing a ghost!

However, the comments intrigued me and I found a book with the meaning of Clairsentient describing it as "clear feeling" - well, I was know for being very intuitive and good at giving advice, and coincidentally good at finding things - but that was as far as it went.  The book convinced me to trust my instincts more and I developed my clairsentience using my first pack of tarot cards.


I now read regularly from my home nationally and internationally on the telephone, in person, via email and virtually, and demonstrate photo mediumship throughout the South West.  Please take time to familiarise yourself with my work and use the contact form on the Contact Me page to ask for further information or with your queries, no question is too small!

Please ring me on 07974 434082 or

complete the form on the Contact page   

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