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Animal Readings

20 years ago when I had established personal readings for clients, they would have their reading and them come back and ask me to read for their pets so I started my dedicated Animal Communication readings, initially by Email using photos of the animal and questions sent by the owner.  I would then sit and work quietly without the fuss of a household or busy stable yard and connect to the energy of that animal, carrying out a telepathic conversation with the animal, much as I do when I speak to clients or work on their human questions.  I am now doing more of these virtually and by telephone as immediate answers and information can be very helpful.

Clients ask for animal readings for a huge variety of reasons from whether the animal is happy and likes their home, to communicating the site of pain or stiffness on their body to me, using me as a voice.  I can also connect via photos to those wonderful pets in the spiritual world and pass on their final messages. I have now read for dogs, cats, horses, rats, donkeys (no mule yet, that would be fascinating), rabbits, hamsters, mice, lizards and a Chinchilla!  They are very different in their communication styles too.


The communication comes as words spoken in my minds eye, photos sent to me to view, feelings of pain transposed into my body and body alignment issues can leave me sitting in a very strange pose! Together with smells and taste they are much like the human readings that I do.  I observe the information given and transcribe it into an email to send to the owner.  The process usually takes around 2 hours, longer if the animal is worried about human interaction and I need to build up a rapport.

For clients who live within 30 miles I can offer "yard or home visits" subject to the latest Coronavirus Government guidelines, and love to get out and meet my clients and their beloved pets in person.  I do charge mileage for this unless local.

Do feel free to message me  from the Contact Page and ask anything about my animal communications, I would be delighted to advise you.

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