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How I Work

My speciality is Photo readings when clients send me photos of their loved ones living and passed away and their animal family too and I can use these with specific questions to complete an email reading or answer questions about someone in a future reading by phone too together with using my tarot cards to look at what is happening for the client in the coming six months too.  Photographs allow me to connect more accurately with a person whether they are needed to give proof of life after death, help with a current problem in the clients life or give me insight into the way they are thinking and will act in the future. 

Whilst doing my readings I ask for no previous information.  If doing an email reading I need the persons name,  and the questions and relevant photos, if a person comes to see me or has a telephone reading, I need nothing but their voice/themself.

I so often say that I try to pick up both the questions and the answers in every reading, that gives me the satisfaction I have had to work for each reading individually and that the person being read knows they have not imparted any information that might lead the reading.  Occasionally it is necessary for a subject heading to be given to channel the information correctly where there are multiple questions.  If you would prefer to give me a background to the reading that is fine too, I just need to demonstrate that I am providing you with NEW information. 


Thank you for reading this, do contact me if I can answer anything for you and I look forward to reading for you in the future.








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